Information for Consumers

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, consumers will need to take an active role in managing their health. 

With doctor’s appointments managed with strict time limits (less than 30 minutes), the patient is best served by being prepared and maintaining a log of issues needing attention.

At NCB 3, we are making available the tools needed to collect the history of your chl and measuring trends including weight that will provide proper dosing in the fight against cardiovascular disease.

If your doctor has prescribed a drug to improve your chl, it is important to ask about its side effects.

If an option, you should initially ask your doctor to begin with NCB 3 to measure its performance with the goal being to eliminate a variety of side effects.

If you are already taking a prescription for chl, ask your doctor to approve NCB 3 as a supplement with the long term goal of reducing the rx prescription and its associated side effects.

We have attached a simple worksheet that will allow you to measure your progress in managing your chl with the best combination of NCB 3 and any rx as needed.

WORKSHEET to record rx dose; NCB; frequency; test results; patient weight