Natural Cholesterol Balance™ is the result of five years of extensive research to control cholesterol naturally.  A double blind clinical study of 45 patients was completed in February  2003 and proved the efficacy of the product. Natural Cholesterol  Balance™ is all natural and organically grown in a controlled  environment. 

"This is the most phenomenal product for  improving one’s health ever sold over the counter. It is safe,  effective, and inexpensive. Heart disease is the most common cause of  death and disability. Elevated LDL and C-reactive protein cause coronary  heart disease and are the best markers of risk for this disease. Natural Cholesterol Balance lowers both LDL and C-reactive protein."
                            - Lawrence D. Rink MD 

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We have launched this new NCB website to serve as a reminder of the  benefits of our all natural organic products in the fight against  cardiovascular disease by controlling your good and bad cholesterol.

Alfalfa  sprouts are the key ingredient used in NCB and is grown utilizing  certified organic growing (1 footnote) methods which precludes the use  of pesticides, herbicides, or other GMO inputs.

NCB is only part  of a complete cholesterol program which should include plant based  proteins, weight control, and exercise with generous amounts of water  while following your doctors recommended prescriptions.

At Natural Cholesterol Balance  we believe it is important for you to be proactive in to your health management, and hold accountable professionals and products to insure best results which are both safe and cost effective

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